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Heartbeat is the pulse of life, which comes not from your body. Heart works with the energy of the Universe and this invisible energy has animated your heart. Heart is the most important organ, the center of senses and decision […]


People often share their problems with the others without understanding that this way they only make their problems bigger. They’d have to share trouble only with those who really can help, but not telling about their troubles everyone for attention […]


Most people make themselves suffer. They live the life they don‘t want to live, or they make themselves victims in the name of other people. This way you will not make anyone happy. Always live only by your heart. Do […]


There is so much hate and offences in the world. It is hard to live with such luggage. Closing all of these evil up in yourself you can easily get ill. If you hate someone, you hate yourself firstly. No […]


Greed is the evil root. This feeling comes when the person is captive of his desires. People get addicted to money or power, and greed conquers their minds. Throw the greed out of your life and you will find world […]